Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Philip Van Allen and Art Commotion

For our third web design project in Zeny Baduel's ET 14 Web Design class at Santa Monica College, we had to take certain assets and build a web page utilizing tables in Dreamweaver. Here's the Adobe PDF file of the design of the assignment. You can view my final project HERE. For our midterm project, we're going to design a record company site.

Here's a little interesting Academy of Entertainment and Technology (AET) history. First, the logo at the top of the project was the one used in the original AET website. Since Professor James Reilly was the person who designed the original website, presumably when he was a student at AET, it would be safe to assume that he designed the AET logo for the site.

Secondly, notice that the right index features a logo from "Art Commotion." You can view their website HERE. According to the website:

ArtCommotion is a web magazine and resource exposing contemporary visual and literary art. It focuses on the Los Angeles area and features commissioned art, interviews, weekly news columns, reviews, and classifieds. ArtCommotion is committed to expanding the audience for contemporary art.

At the bottom of this website, notice that it states that Art Commotion is published by Commotion New Media, Inc. So, who owns these two companies? A whois search reveals that Art Commotion is owned by former AET Interactive Media professor Philip Van Allen, acting for Commotion New Media, Inc. You can view Commotion New Media's website HERE. A whois search reveals that this site is also owned by Van Allen. Of course, like many AET professors, Van Allen has moved on to teach at Art Center College of Design. His Commotion about page confirms this fact. It's nice to know that AET is still promoting its former professor through a web design project in our class. I guess we now know where AET's loyalties truly lie.

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-- Des Manttari,
Phoenix Genesis

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