Wednesday, August 23, 2006

PE Classes Still Open for Fall Semester 2006

Professor Maggie LeDuc is teaching some awesome PE classes that still have openings for fall semester at Santa Monica College. They are as follows:

2374 KIN PE 15A 35 9 ..T.H.. 12:45PM-02:05PM LEDUC M M SPECTRUM

This is a spinning class (cycling) taught at Spectrum gym, near the AET campus. The gym will let you stay afterwards and work out on any of their equipment and weights. They also have a sauna and lockers to use (bring your own lock). This gym is state of the art. There is a separate fee for this class.

2381 KIN PE 19B 35 15 ...W... 12:45PM-03:50PM LEDUC M M TRACK

Hiking class. This is usually at Temescal Canyon. So, you get to be outdoors and lose some weight. Students are usually agreeable to carpooling. Bring water!

2382 KIN PE 19B 35 10 ..T.H.. 05:15PM-06:40PM LEDUC M M TRACK

Body fitness and walking. Take the stress off studying to have some fun.

2352 KIN PE 10 45 17 ..T.H.. 08:00AM-09:20AM LEDUC M M FIT CNTR

This is a general fitness class using stationary bikes and weights as well as various outdoor exercises (track and stadium stairs). Maggie loves to take her students to the beach! You will definitely lose weight if you take this class. She will weigh and measure you and test you at the beginning and end of the semester, so you can see how much you improved. She will also work with your eating habits and make suggestions to help you lose even more weight and feel better.

SMC Professor Maggie LeDuc and Saddie

Maggie is one of the best teachers at SMC. A really caring person. She's going to retire in a year, so now's your chance to take some of her classes. I also took surfing and rock climbing with her and loved them both! If she doesn't get the minimum number of students, these classes will be cancelled, so help her (and yourself) out and take one or two.

For those who were interested in the surfing class, it is confirmed that it will be taught at Santa Monica near the pier.

-- Des Manttari,
Phoenix Genesis

(c) 2006: Phoenix Genesis/MBS LP

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