Thursday, June 10, 2010

E3 2009 Photos Added To Our New Flickr Account

E3 2009 Photos Added To Our New Flickr Account

By: Des Manttari
Phoenix Genesis

June 10, 2010

We have just opened a new Flickr account. You can access it HERE or to your right in the Phoenix Genesis Portal sidebar. We are excited to finally have a chance to show the setup of last year's E3 2009 Expo (June 1, 2009) at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We hope you will find them informative when compared to our upcoming E3 2010 show setup photos that we will eagerly take next week. We also encourage you to check out our photos on Facebook HERE. If you're not yet on Facebook, we hope you join us soon. Also, to keep abreast of our latest news, you can subscribe to our Twitter account HERE.

(c) 2010: Phoenix Genesis/MBS LP

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