Sunday, May 28, 2006

More Praise from Our Supporters

Once again, it's time to see what those who support our efforts to SAVE SMC have to say about the recent events that have transpired over the last several months. To protect them all from retaliation, I have kept them anonymous. I only corrected minor spelling errors and typos. I've divided their comments into the appropriate categories. I've only selected a handful of comments from our overwhelming responses supporting our cause to fight for justice and equal educational access at Santa Monica Community College.


-- Des Manttari,
Phoenix Genesis

(c) 2006: Phoenix Genesis/MBS LP

------------------------- VARIOUS READER COMMENTS -------------------------

Regarding Judith Penchansky's attempt to discipline SMC student Jeff Higley for videotaping SMCPD officers:

-- I suspect that in California after the Rodney Allen King beatings and subsequent riots the courts aren't likely to find persuasive the idea that police should never be videotaped, even when the alleged prior misconduct of the same police has become a public issue.

Regarding my wrongful and abrupt suspension by Judith Penchansky:

-- Oh that's just awful and disgusting that SMC suspended you.

Regarding my participation in the SMC Faculty Rally for a FAIR CONTRACT NOW!:

- Thank you for the update on today's rally. Very well done. Keep up the good work and keep following your beliefs.

-- Thanks for your support. Your article was very well written and I didn’t see any inaccuracies.

Regarding comments pertaining to AET Professor Jim Keeshen's March 1, 2006 hate speech against the disabled (comments from various disability advocacy groups):

-- I read this complaint, and I think it should be brought up to the disciplinary committee of SMC. Even a community college should have a procedure for reporting complaints of misconduct of faculty. Probably a Dean of Student Affairs, or a Dean of the college or the Vice President.

-- Good luck to you and congratulations on your courage to stand up for truth and justice.

-- The situation sounds quite horrible, and I honor you as a member of the academic community for your strong desire and intention to bring this college into willing compliance with accepted standards of inclusion and accommodation.

-- Good luck in pursuing this. This should not be happening!

-- Send that professor literature about "current" autism facts...

-- Santa Monica College [SMC] Prof Needs Education. Thanks to SMC student for pointing out the attitudes of some teachers...hopefully this incident will be reported to SMC officials and appropriate action, explanations and apologizes will be forthcoming.

General reader comments about my work on the SAVE SMC Blog:

-- I'm proud of you for strongly standing up for yourself and letting them know that you will not be discriminated against.

-- I applaud your efforts and support you in your attempt to bring down the house of criminals that they have set up. Remember, the untouchables...their relentless pursuit of justice paid off in the end.

-- Your Blog is soooooooo very good, Des! I'm gonna read the rest over the next few days.

-- Good luck on dealing with those heartless bastards.

-- Wow, Des, I can't tell how impressed I am with all that you've accomplished. It's amazing. I look forward to hearing the reactions from the staff and students. Keep up the good work and I appreciate you're updates.

-- I have a little time to tell you how very much I appreciate you, and how fortunate I feel to have you in my life. Not only are you an inspiration, but I admire how you lead by example. All of us that know you see that and love that about you. You're ready to champion causes with passion, focus, and determination. You don't take no for an answer easily, at least without weighing out the facts, and facts are what you excel at. So many times I've told you that I want 1/8th of your brain, but having you in my life to show me how to fend for myself, and how to obtain the necessary information and resources to defend myself is incredibly valuable to me. Thank you also for telling me that you appreciate me and our friendship.

-- You are a blessing and a talented person.

-- I am so impressed by what I've read and discovered about your fight and wish to help in whatever way I can. My own history has taught me that social activists willing to step up to the front lines are rare and benefit greatly from others equally willing to fight.

-- I continue to be impressed with your tenacity and follow thru with what you believe. Keep up the good work.

-- Keep up the FANTASTIC and HEARTFELT work! You are a master at what you do.

-- Des, you are a true advocate for Educational Justice! Kudos, Bravo and congratulations for the fantastic research and gift you're giving the SMC community of students and people who care about community integrity.

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