Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Test Drive the New SAVE SMC Website

SAVE SMC has celebrated its first birthday back in September. We've taken a few weeks off writing on the SAVE SMC blog over at blogger to do some much needed revisions and additions to the companion website. You can access it HERE. The first page is our PHP beta version. We've integrated cascading stylesheets as well. We're currently working on version 2, which will be much more improved.

In addition to the new PHP page, we've given the old pages a facelift. We've also added an exclusive page for Santa Monica College as well as its vocational campus, the Academy of Entertainment and Technology. We've also added a profiles page where you can read about Santa Monica College faculty and students. For general information on civil rights, entertainment, the California Public Records Act, and news and politics, visit our home page. There's a bit more, but I'll leave some room for your much anticipated explorations.

For those interested to read more about AET Professor Jim Keeshen (a.k.a., James Keeshen), you can check out his expanded profile HERE. Topics include quotes, comments, hobbies, financial, ethics, facts, and a general about page with links to projects by Jim Keeshen Productions.

SAVE SMC is committed to bringing you the cutting edge features and editorials about Santa Monica Community College, the Academy of Entertainment & Technology, and its administrators, faculty, staff, consultants, trustees, and students. We give you the latest information on SMC's lawsuits, background history about SMC and AET, as well as all the breaking news.

So, bookmark our SAVE SMC Blog and SAVE SMC Website now. Then keep coming back for more.

-- Des Manttari,
Phoenix Genesis

(c) 2006: Phoenix Genesis/MBS LP

Feel free to link or print this; just include the SAVE SMC URL: http://savesmc.blogspot.com/

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