Tuesday, January 24, 2006

SMC AET Advanced Search Database Launched

After 8 months of hard work, little sleep, and endless support from all of you, I have finally launched the Phoenix Genesis Save SMC Academy of Entertainment and Technology Advanced Search Database. Click HERE to access the database.

Bookmark it now!!! It will be updated frequently. We've got about 500 plus pages on the blog and website, not including PDF documents scanned and uploaded. Since I threw up the site traffic meter, I've gotten almost 3000 hits to the main blog. Thanks for all of you who read all this stuff I write. Here's the
homepage to the blog again.

And here's another page worth bookmarking, the
Phoenix Genesis SAVE SMC Search Guide. This is the official search page for the SAVE SMC Blog and Website. I have added dates to all the blog entries. You can search the blog archive by month or by a specific article.

The SMC AET Advanced Search Database is easy to navigate and is divided by various topics. There are web pages, charts, screenshots, and PDF documents.

Want to know how much we pay our public employees? See what they do to earn their pay. Get the inside scoop on AET professors' hidden consultant contracts and industry partnership kickbacks. See who has left our school and who remains. Want to know if AET has kept its 1997 promises to the California Postsecondary Education Commission? Read the CPEC Report! Read our brief history of AET and the people behind its creation.

Or follow the money to missing scholarships, wasteful spending, and creative re-financing of federal funds. Take a peek at tax returns and forged documents. Learn how SMC has concealed vital public records, doctored AET internship and hire records, and tampered with its online courses.

Want to know how AET has become the digital playground for several SMC employees? Learn why SMC has cut our classes and can't maintain enrollment numbers. Read about deceptive advertising practices and misrepresentations to the U.S. Department of Education. Learn why AET students never received due credit on Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy Pilot Pitch Episode.

Check out the status of our quest for public records. We've gotten over a thousand pages so far from SMC. Learn why SMC is wrongfully withholding records that should be disclosed to the public. Want to know about questionable sabbaticals with AET faculty? Learn how Klasky Csupo benefited being on our AET Advisory Board.

What about those vanished and pending AET vocational certificates? If you're waiting for that Game Development Certificate, don't hold your breath. See how our Animation program compares to other art schools. Want to know what former President Piedad Robertson is up to now? Learn why eCollege is SMC's worst "nightmare" and subject to SEC investigations for fraud.

How does the Governator fit into all of this? Why was he boycotted by SMC faculty and chastised by SMC students when he spoke at his former school's June 2005 commencement ceremony?

Santa Monica College: Public corruption, political intrigue, and campaign bribes to our Board of Trustees... and this is just the beginning of the story.

In order to make necessary changes and SAVE SMC and the AET Program, we must become informed. Knowledge is power. Together, we can hold our public officials accountable, retain our good teachers, shape our future education, and save our tax dollars and student tuition.

For those of you at SMC, I will see you all in the Spring 2006 Semester. For everyone else, I will try to stay in touch.

Thanks Again for Your Support,

-- Des Manttari,
Phoenix Genesis

(c) 2006: Phoenix Genesis/MBS LP

Feel free to link or print this; just include the SAVE SMC URL: http://savesmc.blogspot.com/

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